Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A picture from last fall

Just testing out how to post pictures on this blog. This one is from October.

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  1. she was beautiful- i am so sorry about what you are going through. we lost our baby boy silas (my husband is elmcitydad who is now writing on gitw) 10 hours after he was born this past september. it sounds like you guys have been through hell. writing on our blog has helped me to cope in more ways then you know- its a brave thing to start one, thats for sure. i never thought i'd be writing for the world to read. but just know that there is an amazing community out here. sending much love your way.

  2. Lani -
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Ever since your husband's first post on gitw a few days ago I have gone back and read much of your blog. You are both amazing writers and have done a beautiful job of memorializing your son Silas. I have found reading and writing to be helpful as I go through all this and am so grateful for the supportive community that I am now discovering.